Popular Fitness Trends For 2019 According To The Fitness Pros

Once again, it is that time of the year where we are standing on the start of another journey and wondering how the world of fitness will turn out for the year 2019. The previous years we saw some interesting new trends while some old ones kept pace.

We have taken out the time to list some of the fashion trends that are going to be more than just prevalent in 2019. That is according to the some very experienced fitness pros. These professionals are specialists and experts when it comes to health certain exercise machines and equipment. These pioneers of the fitness industry will guide us as to what will go on in the world of fitness in this year.

High-Intensity Interval Training will remain a part of your fitness regime

High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT will probably be one of the top trends when it comes to fitness trends. According to exercise physiologist Rachel Straub you should start slow, especially if you are slow. As she quotes “you have to start slow.”

According to ACSM HIIT is the “short bursts of high-intensity bouts of exercise and then short time to rest.”

HIIT is one of the fastest ways of providing results. Due to the increased intensity of the workout in a short space of time allows one to push their physical limits. Because of that HIIT is regarded as one of the top trends as you will get quick results. You will feel that you are getting a lot of exercise done in very little time.

Technology and Gadgets will be part of an exercise

You cannot keep technology out of anything these days. This actually helps fitness pros keep track of their exercise. For instance, you can keep track of the miles you ran, your pulse rate and everything related to your fitness.

This helps individuals develop their own exercise routine as it helps them identify their body limits and how they can push it in a safe way. Tech is helping fitness grow.

Adding More Variety to Your Exercise provides consistent results

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You never get successful results by doing the same thing over and over again when it comes to exercise. Keep doing the same thing and your body will get used to it. It is important to add more variety to your fitness model. For instance, you can add a little bit of cardio to your exercise routine alongside weight lifting. Some prefer to add yoga to release bodily stress from intense workouts.

Adding variety is quickly becoming a trend. And in order to keep pushing your body to the limit you need to keep bringing new thing. As Arnold Lee, MD says “there are a score of benefits to mixing up your workout routine, It’s the key to exciting different muscle groups and preventing boredom.”

Functional training will again become a part of mainstream  training

In these modern times we have seen people using obstacle course racing to push themselves to the limit. While this will continue to be a major part of the fitness industry in 2019 we are definitely going to see a lot more people mixing this with weight lifting. So if you are to follow the latest trends, then you really need to get yourself a gym membership.

A personal trainer in Washington Kevin Mullins says that ” We all need to carry heavy things in our everyday life and the gym is one of the best place to get lifting and prepare us for that.”

And mixing weight lifting with obstacle course race will allow adding the essential variety in their workout. While weight lifting helps people to find out how poeple can use their bodies, obstacle course racing provides another dimension as Aimee Nicotera says “Training for an obstacle course race allows  people to do movements and exercises that normally evades their exercise routine, which creates a carryover to strength and enhanced physical function for their daily lives.”

The Hiring of Personal Trainers

More and more people are starting to realize the fact that it is not advisable to start a fitness regime all by themselves.

In the past many people have suffered from injuries due to wrong application or they were just not able to find wanted results.

Group Fitness classes will remain a part of fitness in 2019

Group Fitness classes

Group fitness classes are growing in demand and in 2019 they are going to be one of the top trends of 2019.

As Amaya Weddle, Ph. D., the Director of Product Marketing and Research at MINDBODY, says “Following the rise of boutique fitness, we believe that group fitness classes will continue to amplify and gain more reputation as more and more consumers are attracted to working out as a community.”

Working out as a group also helps in refreshing someone mentally as you have a group of people working together. It keeps everyone motivated and looking forward to more sessions.

Swimming remains one of the most appealing form of exercise in 2019

According to some people swimming is one of the best form of exercise available. The great thing about swimming is that it is equally beneficial for all age groups. Unlike other intensity exercises and cardio, swimming does not put that much stress on knees, back and shoulders. It is easier on the body, yet burns more calories.

You can push your body differently through swimming as Cristiano Ronaldo installed a hot swimming pool so that he can release the bodily stress after a heavy workout and still burn some calories.

Similarly, swimming in ice cold water has its own benefits, your muscles get energized and you stabilize your blood flow. That is why swimming largely remains one of the most attractive exercises for keeping fitness in 2019.