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Dissecting Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Diet and Workout Routine

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are considered the benchmark in the business. They are often used as the scale to measure the standards of cheerleading in NFL.

It wouldn’t be surprising if you dream of at least looking like them. After all, the DCCs always look perfectly in shape, gorgeous and more importantly, they look happy right down to the core.

While you are drooling over their beautiful physique and their unparalleled fitness, these gals are rigorously working out every day. It is never easy to achieve the fitness level that these girls of DCC have attained.

One thing is certain that there is no shortcut to this. And for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders the hard work and consistency with regards to exercise and diet goes on every day.  Yeah, you heard that right, it is not just about the workout, but a carefully selected diet is equally important, if not more, for that fit and gorgeous body.

It would be wonderful to have a glance at how these gals maintain themselves to those amazing fit bodies all year round.

Luckily for you we have got some insight through current and former Cheerleaders of Dallas Cowboys and personal trainers. Finally, we will get to learn how these beautiful women stay gorgeous all year long.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Workout and strengthening

For those wondering that keep repeating same dance routines is the main reason that keeps these women in shape then you have another thing coming.

Most cheerleaders keep varying their dance cardio routine to keep things interesting. But more importantly the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders focus more on strenghthening their bodies and getting physically stronger. Throwing people up in the air, landing on their knees and pounding their shoulders and hips will eventually cause physical injuries.

In order to sustain such strenuous routines for a whole year would require strength and stronger bodies.

Of course, working out to get stronger is a recipe to those beautiful bodies. According to Jay Johnson, the focus of the workout of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders is strength and endurance.

Jay Johnson has crafted a workout routine for these girls that resemble the Army Physical fitness test. While Johnson is more than happy with the gals getting accustomed to this fitness course, he makes sure that these girls do not slack away. As he says “if their physique in slacking in any way they are given a red letter. And then they have to shed some body fat otherwise they will be docked from the team.”

Their average workout routine usually includes warmup to get the blood flowing to their muscles and then proper exercises start.

Working every day to strengthen body muscles is another great way to keep the body lean. As fat cells are less metabolically active than muscle cells, this helps in keeping the body thin. That is why cheerleaders also work on building their muscles through weight lifting and resistive training. This makes them strong enough to keep going the whole year dancing and stunting and main their stunning selves.

This is an average workout routine for a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. This may vary as many cheerleaders change their cardio routines to keep things fun. You would hear some taking Zumba classes or just going for yoga and pilates classes to burn calories and stay in shape.

The diet plan of Dallas Cowboy cheerleader

This usually depends on the cheerleaders themselves and what suit their bodies more. It also varies depending on the condition of their bodies, if they want to burn some fat or just maintain the current condition.

Basically, you may not find anything that would sound like an exclusive cheerleader diet. As former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Jinelle Esther, who believes exercising regularly is essential also says “in addition to being physically active, it is crucial to treat food as a body fuel rather than craving for foods those are crammed with preservatives that is toxic to the body.”

The diet routine may include a diet of lean meat, vegetables and fruit juices. But again the diet would vary from one cheerleader to another. Everyone has their own diet plan.

The cheerleaders also keep eating clean frequently throughout the day, like every 2-3 hours. This keeps them energetic all day long and also helps them avoid lurking around unhealthy foods.

While the diet routine may vary, one thing has remained constant for most cheerleaders. Most start their day with a proper breakfast, some of them, like Emma Mary’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast.

What they say

Let’s hear from some of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders as to how they maintain their physique and their diet routine is every day.

Jackie Bob a veteran cheerleader of the Dallas Cowboys shared something very interesting. She says “rather than sitting and lying on the couch at home, I prefer to be on the ground doing ab work and lunges. I do a lot of crunches variation. Also, there are other small things such as walking up the stairs rather than taking the elevator and sleep play a big role.

Another young cheerleader of Dallas Cowboys Kinzie Ryanne believes in  the power of plank. “I can do a plank for 5 minutes. I love them as they help me create more of a flat-abs look rather than a six pack.” Can you believe it? 5 minute plank! Can you hold on that long?

When it comes to diet Mia Greenhouse, a veteran, talks about how to stay healthy. She says “I keep myself away from junk food really at the grocery store, but may stray a bit on the weekend. It is all about portion control.”

Another gorgeous cheerleader Angela Nicotera believes “A good diet and exercise is essential to cheerleading. As the year is always so busy it is difficult to eat regular meals. But I have adapted my habits so that I can consume enough carbohydrates and proteins to keep going. Exercise and nutrition is important for stamina during cheerleading in a game.

Conclusion Well, that was a little sneak peak inside the life of a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. I think that you could at least pick some tips from here if you would like your body to resemble to that of a DCC. I hope you found this informative and interesting.

You can also check Dallas Cowboys official gym website here for more information and workout details.