7 Workout & Gym Questions

7 Workout & Gym Questions You Wanted to Know Answered

We know that you want to get the most out of your workout routine and we also know you want the right pre and post-workout diet to go along with it. From maintaining a rep range to creating a balance between your workout and diet, we will discuss everything right here.

If you are a beginner, then this would serve as a wonderful guide to your workout regime. Below are 7 important questions about working out, gym and diet answered.

  • How long should muscle soreness remain?


The answer varies from one person to another. It would depend on many things, first, the physical condition of the trainee, then the intensity of the workout and also the amount of rest would also play a part.

If you are one of those who go all out during their workout and push your muscles beyond its limits, then your muscle soreness will remain for longer periods. Muscle soreness usually increases some time after the workout. After when your muscles have had some rest, you will start to feel ascending pain in the muscles. The harder you work out the greater the soreness.

Of course, with proper rest, diet and some after workout therapies would reduce the pain. The recovery period of your muscles is highest when you are resting. Then hot water bath and massage would reduce the soreness to some extent.

  • How Should I take my diet?


The most important thing is the consumption of nutrition. The myth that you only need to consume protein is obviously wrong. You would need the right ratio of carbs and fats to go alongside the protein you consume. You see after a workout, consuming sugar and carbohydrates help the body transport protein to the muscles much faster.

How Should I take my diet

With that, you can use whey protein shake after 30 minutes workout to help with fulfilling your protein requirements. It is considered by many builders that 20-30g of protein consumption is good enough after a good workout. Of course, it could vary for everyone. Just make sure to consume the right amount of chicken, fish and meat.

  • What rep range should I maintain?


Again the answer would vary from person to person. Usually when you are a beginner the volume (i.e. rep range) is usually higher so that you can get into a rhythm with different exercises.
Then once you have gained some experience with your workout routine, your rep range should vary depending on the type of body you want to achieve. For example, for a shredded body, you would need to keep the frequency of your reps high and intensity low. But if you are looking to gain more mass and strength you would simply go for fewer reps with extremely heavyweights.

  • Should I do cardio for weight loss


Cardio is beneficial, but not necessary for weight loss if you are working out with intensity.

Should I do cardio for weight loss

To shed some weight you can always go for a few minutes of high-intensity workout with a period of low-intensity workout with higher reps. You will lose some weight with that.

That said, cardio still is quite beneficial for your overall health.

  • Should I focus more on isolation or compound exercise?


It would be best if you could mix it up a little. Nowadays bodybuilders are using more compound exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts and commando shoulder press. These exercises usually hit all the important muscles in the body.

But it would be best to do some isolation exercise around these workouts to maintain a proper balance. In order to create the perfect symmetry, you would need to isolate certain muscles to create the required balance.

Other than that, the above-mentioned compound exercises are extremely beneficial if you want a banging body.

  • How long should I workout


If you are really looking to get that super summer body, then you should work out as long as your body can take. That said, if you are going to work out for 40 minutes, then you should give your maximum effort.

Of course, the climate, the place and your daily routine would also play a part in how you long you can work out. But it is important that you keep pushing yourself as long as you are working out. A 40-minute workout of max-effort is ten times more worth than a lazy workout of 2 hours.

  • Can I grow without a proper diet?


No, you will never grow without a proper post and pre-workout diet. To tell you, diet is more important than the workout to build that body of yours. If you are not taking the right amount of nutrition, you are probably leaving your muscle recovery unfinished. With that, if you keep on increasing your workout intensity, the body will be in unwanted stress. That would only result in muscle catabolism. So rather than focusing only on your workout, make sure to devise a proper diet routine for yourself.